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A New Day by Briana Brown


Are you struggling to feel a sense of purpose in your life and need help figuring out how to relight the spark?​ 

Do you sometimes feel isolated and alone? Do you struggle with chronic physical or emotional pain?

Or do you struggle with anxiety during social interactions or engagements?

Do you feel you need support navigating the relationships in your life, making friends or keeping the ones you have?​ 


These experiences are often associated with, social avoidance strategies, self-depreciation (i.e., putting ourselves down), symptoms of anxiety, frustration, depression or even suicidal ideation.  

Sparks Counselling is also passionate about helping our clients to  navigate chronic pain, ADHD, procrastination, burnout, depression, gender identity, LGBTQIA2S+ struggles with life transitions, blended families, anger issues, relationships and suicidal ideation.


Sparks Counselling can offer you support and help you to find the answers that are right for you.​​​​


                        Thank you

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