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Mary Lee Knox-Bauer

Mary Lee Knox-Bauer

Mary Lee is described as a welcoming, open-minded and accepting individual who has always been interested in seeing the world through others' eyes. She provides a safe and non-judgmental space as she knows how hard it can be for clients to reach out for support. She approaches therapy by using Humanistic, Solution-focused, and Strength-based therapy. She also borrows tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and Integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS).  She is enthusiastic about working with her clients to develop healthy coping strategies and tools to support them as they navigate daily struggles and major life issues. Mary Lee also uses a biopsychosocial and spiritual framework during the assessment process to rule out biological and social factors which can impact mental health. This can be particularly helpful if clients have yet to respond to traditional styles of therapy in the past. The framework is based on a research-supported theory that found biological and social factors occur before psychological symptoms develop. Therefore, the findings can be used to formulate a treatment plan to improve or resolve mental health issues.


Mary Lee is a Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying), having completed a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP) degree (Honors Program) from Yorkville University. She also completed a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree (Honors Program) in Psychology at The University of Guelph. Mary Lee furthered her understanding of the biological, social and spiritual factors associated with clients' mental health by taking courses on the biological, social and spiritual effects on mental health. She also took courses and completed training, which provided her with knowledge of the neuroplasticity of the brain and insight into how we can enhance our present abilities, such as attention, memory, and empathy. Changing the ADHD Brain: Moving Beyond Medication. She is passionate about helping those struggling with chronic pain, social isolation, social avoidance, self-esteem issues, depression, ADHD, anxiety, procrastination, burnout, gender identity, LGBTQIA2S+ struggles with life transitions, blended families, anger issues, relationships and suicidal ideation.

Before becoming a psychotherapist, Mary Lee worked with various populations, such as mentoring International Students at Kings/UWO, advising and supporting students at the University of Guelph, and working with youth in crisis while in group homes and emergency shelters. She also supported those who experienced abuse while volunteering for Victims Services while at the same time raising four biological children on her own until she remarried years later. She understands the challenges that come with supporting children through separation, divorce and being part of a blended family. She also knows how to balance the responsibilities of a busy household, work and schooling.

Mary Lee draws on her ability to create a safe, supportive and welcoming space where individuals can share and reflect on their experiences, strengths, values and beliefs. Mary Lee then uses those experiences, strengths, values and beliefs to establish a starting point and design a unique treatment plan that represents healing to the individual client. Mary Lee's therapy is also designed to help clients develop a stronger sense of self and strengthen social and assertiveness skills, which increases self-esteem and reduces stress and anxiety.

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